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Pioneer in the Emerging Field of Nucleic Acid Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing Facility & Development Center
New Brunswick, NJ

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. has developed over nearly three decades a vast body of knowledge relating to a potentially new class of pharmaceutical products (nucleic acid compounds) that are designed to activate otherwise dormant cellular defenses against viruses and tumors.  We pursue commercialization of our products and have a strong and broad-based patent base.


Ampligen®, the company's lead compound addresses a variety of chronic diseases and viral disorders.  Ampligen® drugs for several viral disorders are under development.  More than 40,000 doses at over 20 U.S. clinical trial sites have been delivered with Ampligen®. 

Alferon Low Dose Oral (LDO)®

Alferon LDO®, Hemispherx's oral form of Our Anferon N product (Low Dose Oral Interferon Alfa-N3, Human Leukocyte Derived), which is a new delivery form of our FDA approved drug, Alferon N® is the only natural interferon currently FDA approved and available in the marketplace.  Hemispherx has initiated clinical trials as part of an accelerated evaluation of the experimental bio-therapeutic Alferon LDO (Low Dose Oral Interferon Alfa-n3 (Human Leukocyte Derived)) as a potential new experimental therapy for Avian Flu and other lethal viral diseases, which have high acute death rates. Clinical trials in human volunteers (being conducted in both the U.S. at Drexel University, Philadelphia, and shortly to commence in Hong Kong at the Princess Margaret Hospital) are designed to determine whether Alferon N, delivered in a new, experimental oral drug delivery format, can resuscitate the broad-spectrum antiviral and immunostimulatory genes. These human genes are shut down by acute lethal viral infections such as avian flu and smallpox.

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